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Upgrades and Options Stereo amplifiers



Upgrades and Options available when ordering - Speak to your dealer about these when ordering your amplifier.
Our Sterling range of Amplifiers come available with 2 upgrade options ranging from our Standard model known as Insignia Class and Excelsior class, and our Silver Night Range and above come with 3 upgarde levels, which are Insignia, Excelsior and the ultimate Signature reference.

Each class has selected components designed to enhance performance, prescence and definition.

The upgrade options are only available on a new build amplifier and are not retro fittable. The amplifier chassis will carry distinguishing marks and milled branding to determine the level.

All the options are based on a hard wired amp, and use the very finest components selectable, form Britain, Europe or the US.

All options carry a lifetime guarantee and a certificate of authenticity.

So when you order your amplifier from your dealer ask for either standard amplifier or Insignia, Excelsior or Signature reference classes.