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Select frontAudion Select 1.0 Passive Line level  pre-amplifier is hand built with quality compononents. The chassis is black powder coated aluminum as is the base. The top plate is mirror finished stainless steel.
The Audion Select passive line level pre-amplifier 1.0 is a passive device. Built with 5 line level inputs switched from the front panel, 2 line outputs and a direct un-switched un0attenuated tape output. It is hard wired with an Alps pot fitted and with a ground loop lift switch designed to stop any ground loops.. Being a passive pre-amplifier it will not add hum or tube noise to your current equipment
The black aluminium chassis is designed to match cosmetically to the rest of the Audion range in looks and sound quality, and having the same size and shape will fit in with other Audion equipment. It has been designed for users with stereo or monoblock amplifiers to add more inputs and volume control to their setup.
We are able to offer 23 way or 48way stepped attenuators, and / or silver internal wiring, and with the option of WBT Nextgen RCA sockets.
Being a passive stage it will not alter your soundstage, but at the same time it will not diminish it either. In use it is absolutely invisible, with convincing depth even at very low levels. It brings recordings to life and places you directly in front of the performance
The name "Audion Select" has been given as it is mainly a selector and in the double entendre stakes it is also a select product..

Amplifier matching
This Select 1.0 passive Line level pre-amplifier is a great match with our power amplifiers. Ideally matched with either of our ranges of Electron or Proton cables. Upgrade options are available for this model, see upgrade options at end. This is a very good entry level passive pre-amplifier and can be used as a volume control / channel selector for any amplifier other than ours that does not have a volume control.


Quality both inside and out

Select rearAs with all our pre-amps they feature a transformer less design with no input, inter stage or output wound components making this passive pre-amp extremely fast and capable of handling the most intricate and detailed musical passages. Outstanding performance, lightning quick response curves and terrific transparency
The 1.0 Select has 5 line level inputs as standard, 3 outputs and has a ground lift switch and ground binding post floated through the internal ground lift at the rear to assist in resolving grounding issues by floating the ground internally above mains ground.
We recommend our Proton or Electron cables with this set up.


Select inside



Shown here is an internal view of the Select 1.0  with 48 way stepped attenuator interior silver wiring and WBT Nextgen RCA sockets.






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