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MM PhonoAudion Premier Moving Magnet phono stage is built on a quality substrate pcb (printed circuit board) as with all our amps they are hand built. The chassis is black powder coated aluminum as is the transformer cover. The top plate and badge are mirror finished stainless steel.

The soundstage is believeably big, and really it is up to the recordings capabilities to shine through. Musicians are convincingly placed. Noise level is pitch black. Roll off in both directions is seamless. Resolution is astounding, with absolutely convincing depth even at very low listening levels. It does not beautify bad records, but it gives sparkle to great recordings, and preserves tonality, rhythm and sense of space. We refer to this as being neutral, but not sterile or warm or tubelike.

Amplifier matching

This moving magnet phono stage is best suited for use with standard or low output moving magnet cartridges. Ideally matched with our range of Proton cables. The phono stage is easily matched with most cartridges and being an active stage ir does not need such close matching as you would with a transformer based product. Upgrade options are available for this model, see upgrade options at end. Can and has been made in hard wired mono_blocks

Quality both inside and out

The MM phono stage is an active class A stage using a transformer less design, which means matching is very easy. It is far less critical of capacitance, resistance, impedance, inductance or reactance matching that transformer couple RIAA stages normally need.

The Phono MM stage uses NOS Russian 6H23N tubes, it also has a ground lift switch at the rear to assist in resolving grounding issues by floating the ground internally above mains ground. We recommend our Proton cables with this phono stage.


Sensitivity Ref – 0dbV 2.0mV      MM


Distortion @ 1V               <0.015% No Feedback

Noise CCIR)                        

<80 db

Frequency Response:       11 – 185KHz ±1 db RIAA Signal to Noise:     >70 db
Inputs: 2 x 1 Phono MM


2 x 1 Main Out

Consumption:         12 Watts


2 x 6922 or E88CC
Size - 42cm deep, 23cm tall and 16cm tall - Less tubes


Fuses - Power 500mA / 240V

Warranty -

2 years - tubes 6 months

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