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Audion Mono - block Power Amplifiers. Click on any picture to find out more.

Audion Resistors
Audion Sterling PP Anniv. H/W
Audion Sterling PSE AnniversaryAudion Sterling PSE Anniv. H/W Audion Silver Night 300B PPAudion Silver Night 300B PP Anniv.
Audion Silver Night 300B PSEAudion Silver Night 300B PSE Anniv. Audion Silver Night Anniv 300b 220Audion Silver Night Anniv. 2A3 PSE

Audion Golden  Night Anniv 300b

Audion Golden Night Anniv. 300B

Audion Golden Dream 300b

Audion Black Shadow 845

Elite 3 box 845Audion Golden Dream 300B  

All of our Mono-block Power amplifiers are hard wired, many with solid silver audio paths. All feature unique designs, selected components and all are upgradeable from their standard level 5 all the way up to level 9. See our upgrade options for details of our levels.

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