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Buying the Edison 60 Power amplifier kit

Many people ask us about the difference between the standard Edison 60 and the Edison 60 plus kit.

The standard kit contains the following (standard kit). The Edison 60 Plus kit contains the following as extra to the above:
1 x Power supply pack (detailed above), Stainless-steel mirror-finished top cover (as seen in the photo on the kits home page). 1 x Toroidal type mains transformer with mounting kit & 1 x Solid Stainless steel volume knob. These extras offer extremely good value for money.

There are many upgrade parts which we will list below.

NB. The wooden sidepanels as shown on the pictures are no longer supplied with the Edison kit. Chassis has an all metal finish.

Upgrade parts

Each of the following sets of components is sufficient for the use in 1 Edison 6o kit, be that standard or plus.

Audion heavy gold or silver plated loudspeaker terminals Red or Black

These are heavy gold plated high quality single piece loudspeaker terminals, the same that we use in all of our Audion production amplifiers. Why single piece - where the back and the front of the terminal are connected, when you connect a bare wire, spade or banana plug, you are connecting directly to the wire inside the amp. The screw terminal on the back is used to tighten bare wires or spades to the terminal.  A lot of connectors use separated connections which degrades the signal. We can also offer heavy silver plate speaker terminals - GBP £36.00 for a set of 8

Audion gold plated or heavy silver plated RCA sockets Red or Black

Input RCA connectors are where your signal enters the amplifier, and should make a good connection to the outside world.  These heavy gold plated colour coded RCA sockets do just that.  They are also the same sockets that we use in our Silver Night amplifiers and Premier Quattro pre-amps.  We can also offer heavy silver RCA input sockets - GBP £21.00 for a set of 6

Audion sorbathane anti vibration feet and fixings

Sorbathane  is a synthetic viscoeleastic urethane polymer used as a vibration damper. It is considered to be the best vibration damping material and acoustic insulator available in the world which is why we make our feet from this material. It really does improve the sound and isolates your amp from vibration and other effects that can cause sonic distortion within your amp. These are a must have - we feel.  All fitting hardware is included. GBP £12.00 for a set of 4

Alps Blue Velvet potentiometer

Alps Blue Velvet RK27 pot gives very good price / performance ratio. The average channel matching is much better than the specs allow and in our application sounds very good and has a smooth log-like curve. This is the choice of most audiophiles and in our opinion a very good upgrade to the standard Alps pot supplied with the kit. GBP £16.95

Audion Film/foil signal capacitors ERO/Arcol or even better quality

The signal capacitors inside the amplifier are the key to how it will finally sound. There have been many shootouts over the years comparing one signal cap to another. The signal caps we have chosen offer the music in a forward direction, open, immediate and clean, which is how we like it. The signal caps we have chosen are about twice the physical size of the standard versions and will need a bit of careful placement on the audio board.  We recommend mounting slightly off board to allow the legs to fit into the standard holes. GBP £86.00 per set of 8

Tantalum resistors for the signal paths

Tantalum resistors are generally considered to be the best you can get which is why we offer them as upgrade options on our standard Audion amplifier and pre-amplifier ranges. These resistors sound less dry than the metal films, sound more natural and musical. All of our customers, who use tantalums in their amps express to us how good they don't sound how much more transparent they have made their amps. GBP £82.00 for a set of 18

Audion Silver Night output transformers.. Better Quality!

The same transformers as used in our world famous Silver Night amplifiers.  Using the same grain orientated silicon steel M6 grade, high purity double insulated copper wire and extremely high quality interleave tape with the same winding format as the Silver Night transformer, but in a final layout configuration for the Edison kit. The output transformer is the heart of the amplifier and what controls its final sound. These transformers offer superb fluidity and with the Edison, frequency response curves from 10hz to 45Khz +/-3db. These are only available as an upgrade for an Edison 60 kit or together with an Edison 60 kit. GBP £120.00 for a set of 2

Audion solid silver interconnect cable. Solid silver 0.6mm or 1mm equippment wire with Teflon PTFE tubing.

Silver has long been known to improve sound quality due to its improved electrical qualities. We offer our blue silver interconnect cable by length. Approx. 1 meter is need inside the Edison. We also offer 1mm solid silver enamelled wire with PTFE tubing for audio path wiring inside the amp. Sold in 10 cm lengths, up to 10 m in a single piece. GBP £120.00 per 1.4 meter (needed per kit) 

Audion Hex head stainless steel button headed screws.

Button head stainless steel screws improve and customise the finished look of your project. Sold as a set of 16 screws. You will need a 2mm Allen key to tighten these. GBP £5.95 for a set of 16

Upgrades on valves, both for EL34 and 6H1N equivalents, will be viewable on the components page later.


Please remember to add the postage charge relevant for your location.

Prices of Edison 60 kits and upgrades.
Edison 60 £599
Edison 60 plus kit £799
Set of gold plated speaker terminals
Set of gold plated RCA sockets
Audion sorbathane anti vibration feet
Alps Blue Velvet Potentiometer
Audion film/foil signal capacitors
Tantalum resistors for signal path
Audion SN Output transformers
Audion solid silver interconnect
Audion hex stainless steel screws
Postage by location

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